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MU Coordinator



The Diocese was honored and  privileged to be among the four Dioceses in the province of Uganda where this program is being implemented. This is a  new approach that seeks to build on these strong foundations by strengthening the way churches and communities can work together to address common challenges that trap children, families and the entire communities in all forms ; economic, social and spiritual poverty. A critical feature of this Eagle Process approach is envisioning churches through careful considered biblical reflection on the role of the church in community transformation and its responsibility towards the vulnerable and marginalized. In addition there are biblical reflections on how to make the most of our own resources and not become dependent on outside Aid and handouts.

This Approach has been pioneered in over 30 countries in the last 10- 15 years and has been powerful in transforming communities and deeply enriching the ministry of the Church. In this resource, Eagle, we are seeking to combine the experience of awaken with the success and achievement of family life Programme in the last six years.


This approach is about changing mindsets and challenging fatalism and dependency which so often traps individuals, families and the entire communities in poverty. The ethos behind the approach is about all people being valued as made in the image of God, recognizing they have the potential to change their situation and they have resources to do this.

Eagle involves firstly envisioning and equipping the local church to have a vision and passion for being the Salt and light in their communities. Secondly it involves enabling the church and the community to work together to address common needs by using their own shared resources. The Approach is summed up in the passage of Isaiah58:9-12 which encourages us to spend ourselves on behalf of the poor and to be builders of the broken wall. These broken walls can represent a range of poverty issues that individuals, families and the entire communities face as a church we are compelled to help address them.

The distinctive features of this Approach

  • It is about changing the mindsets from fatalism and dependency to hope and self-worth
  • It is guided by Biblical reflection
  • It encourages participants to read the bible for themselves
  • It is facilitated not taught
  • It is designed to build relationships and community cohesion.

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Rwankoro Women Group

Rwankoro Women Group prepare a Vegetable garden