Rev. Augustus Ainebyoona Byabagambi

Of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times, to know what   Israel ought to do, the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment “ 1 Chronicles 12:32. (King James)

We are in a generation where feminism has been applauded and everyone is agitating for affirmative action for the female sex and non-governmental organizations, academicians, politicians and governments are all looking for ways of redefining the gender roles of society. The boy child is in the horns of dilemma as all attention has been accorded   to the female sex and we have and are almost missing a responsible male   generation in the 21st century.  All men are reminded that God created the male sex to be both spiritual and moral leaders in our society, not that men are greater than women but both are complementary in nature in their leadership roles.

In this particular text cited above, history shows us that of many men of valor, who deserted King Saul and camped with young David at Ziklag, were the two hundred men of the tribe of Issachar. These are distinguished as men who understood the times and knew the needs of the season. We are in a generation where men are not responsible and live a reckless living. If one took a random look at the population of people in jail, discotheques, bars, video cinemas, those who cause the most rape, sexual assaults and defilement cases, murders, drug and substance abuse, reckless and dangerous accidents on our roads, the high terrorism cases, and one would find a high proportion of men more than women. By the way, as it is proverbially stated, “nature hates vacuum” and since society has   deferred attention away from the boy child, the sin polluted environment has   nurtured the boy child and the whole society is in danger of losing a responsible male child generation. We must arise to mentor and nurture a kind of “Issachar generation” of boys and men who can redeem our society from moral decay and raise the banner of Jesus’ victory in every sector of our society.

Let me remind boys and men that the hallmark sign of a man is responsibility and we must get on our feet to be men of valor who understand the needs of our time. Paul tells us these are evil end time days ( Ephesians 5:15-17) and they can be redeemed by men who ought to understand that God has created us to lead nations, races, and tribes, and indeed all human institutions back to what God had created them to be. Parents must know the work of raising well mentored, able bodied, holistically trained men of valor who can be world changers for God lies within our responsibility. The family institution is the worst hit by the current post-modern changes of work, politics and development and this leaves our young boys without fathers and father- figures to look up to. My experience in school chaplaincy, prayer and youth ministries has revealed to me that children who have less time with parents or guardians are usually harboring a lot of bitterness in their sub conscious minds and are always timid and lack a lot of self-confidence and therefore cannot make good leaders in our societies!  More so they easily fall victims to sex assaults and defilements and demonic attacks from devil worshippers and agents of Satan’s church.

Who can help the boy child to be a man of valor?. The parents and guardians of this generation must teach young men to love God and develop their God given potentials and skills in serving society and in turn the boys will mentor the next generation. All boys , young and old men, lets understand  that we are in evil days of HIV and AIDs, pornography, drug abuse, sexual immorality, and no one will save us except ourselves setting our minds on living right. And you may not afford to live right unless you have divine guidance from God. You know it’s only God who can transform your inner man and enlighten your mind and cause you to live on God’s master plan! God created you and His purpose is that you may be a man of valor, someone who will be proud of your past life and in old age who will be satisfied with the life you lived back in your morning days! The worst sickness is regretting of mistakes and things you cannot put right because you never understood the season and times of your youth hood.

My fellow ministry leaders and teachers, lets stand in the gap for this generation…We cannot afford to see this male generation getting lost!

Will God count on you on raising a male generation full of valor and who understand that God created men to be spiritual and moral leaders in our diverse societies? .Who will save our boys from this moral decay?.  Only those who are mentored to be and live like the sons of Issachar will save this male generation from the moral decline. The boys must be taught their roles and to understand that these horrible days that are eating up the male generation!

Stand and be counted as a man who understands the times and know what is ought to be done for our male young generation. It begins with you man!.