Mama Janet and Bishop Nathan together with the Mothers Union Members after their Conference Aug. 2015

Mama Janet Museveni and Bishop Nathan  Ahimbisbwe together with the Mothers Union Members after their Conference Aug. 2015

Mothers Union was founded by Mary Elizabeth Summer in 1876 in England after her daughter Margaret had her first child. She took the initial steps in founding a society for the support of women in their role as Mothers.For the first 9 years the organization did not grow but after Mary addressed the women’s meeting of the 1885 national church congress and focused on the two ideas control to her Mothers Union group,

That is (i) Being a good example to children. (ii)  Keeping prayer central to the life of the family.

Mary Summers speech led to Mothers’ Union being commanded by the Bishop of Winchester Harold Brown as a Pattern to be developed a cross the Diocese. From there it spread in Britain and across the commonwealth.

In Uganda Mothers Union was started in 1908 by Mrs. Weather head wife of the then head teacher of Budo Junior school.  From then it spread all over in Uganda and now we have approximately 25.000 members of Mothers Union in Uganda.Mothers Union in South Ankole Diocese has been in function since the inception of the Diocese with the first Mothers Union worker Rev. Can. Juliet Barigye and its president Mama Lilian Ahimbisibwe.Great thanks go to the Mothers union president Mama Lilian Ahimbisibwe and the first Mothers Union worker Rev. Canon. Juliet Barigye who laid a very good foundation for Mothers Union in South Ankole Diocese. May the Lord bless the works of their hands.

I am so grateful to work with Mothers Union since April 2014. This has been my long time desire after working with child ministry support with  compassion for 10 years.I realized that for a child to grow into a responsible adult he/she needs a firm foundation built by a dedicated mother/ female guardian I then felt to work with Mothers as a direct way of influencing them nurture their children under the fear of God. Since 2014 as mothers union we have been able to impact over 500 couples with skills of positive parenting, Effective prayer. Family development, promotion and support of married life and marital counseling in the Diocese.

All the above achievements have been as the result of the support of the Bishop, Mothers Union president, Diocesan Secretary. M.U Volunteer and the entire Diocesan Staff. As a saying “Educate a girl you educate a nation”.  In empowering women it’s obvious that the nation will be empowered.We have and are still encouraging women in the Diocese to embrace and practice the 5 objectives of Mothers Union that is:-

  • Promote and support married life.
  • To encourage parents in their role to develop the faith of children.
  • Maintain a worldwide fellowship of Christians United in prayer, worship and service.
  • Promote conditions in society favorable to stable family life and the protection of children.
  • Help those whose family life has met with adversity.

Mothers Union has been holistic in its services as the stated objective above. A woman that embraces Mothers Union is a transformed Agent that transforms a community.We appreciate the great work done by the Archdeaconry mothers’ union coordinators and parish mothers union leaders. Your great work has uplifted mothers union.Gone are the days when Mothers Union was looked at as a union of old women. I call upon all young women over there to embrace Mothers Union and enjoy your marriage personally it has shaped me and I am proud to be a Mothers Union member and above all a coordinator.

God bless Mothers Union the hand maid of the Lord.