Welcome to the Planning and Development Page 

The department is headed by Mr. Nelson Atuhaire.

PDR Officer

PDR Officer








We were able to supply  1 million trees to be planted in the entire diocese on all vacant church lands so as to invest for the years ahead.  We  pray and hope to harvest a fortune from them in 10 years to come.

We have been able to train people in self-help Projects like tree planting, Bee keeping, Farming among others.

We have been able to process Land title for all Diocesan Church Land right from the Local Churches so as to avoid any unexpected inconveniences.
We have sensitized people about HIV/ AIDS, Family Planning and Nutrition among the people. In March, We partnered with the Provincial Health Department to run a one week’s Workshop on HIV/AIDS ADVOCACY STRATEGY that saw many church leaders attend.


  • Lack of a Vehicle to use to cover the entire diocese so as to implement the plans on paper.
  • Less funds to help in running training across the entire diocese.

Futures Plans

  • We hope to start a Mission hospital in our diocese that can provide affordable quality services to our people.
  • Fish Farming projects so as to utilize the water bodies we have in our diocese.
  • We are planning to construct a Resource and Rehabilitation Centre at our Island on the Small lake we have in Ntungamo.