Welcome to the Mission and Evangelism Department.

Rev. Can. Charles Kapson

Rev. Can. Charles Kapson

It is headed by Rev. Canon Charles Kapson since the inception of the Diocese.

The Department is concerned with church mission and vision therefore embraces church organizations such as

Mothers’ union,Fathers’ union, Boys and Girls Brigade,Youth,Children ministry,Scripture union,Clergy union,Pastors’ and ministers children fellowship,Pastors’ wives fellowship,  Life ministry and other Faith based organizations and Associations

The following organizations have officers in charge:-

– Mothers’ union work Rev. Juliet Bainomugisha Barigye and Mothers’ union president Mrs. Lillian Ahimbisibwe.

– Youth and Children Ministry Rev. Augustus Ainebyoona Byabagambi.

Other Units  are still under Mission and will soon be catered for.

1. Evangelism and Discipleship is one of the most important components for the spiritual and numerical growth of the church.

It is through this department that our Diocese  is able to lead the people of God towards a spiritual enhancement and advancement for His people.

The work of mission and Evangelism office is to empower God’s people to clearly come to know and experience His love and purpose of creating man and all the creation. Thus achieving our Diocesan Vision of a Diocese that glorifies God.

People are  equipped with a sense of great hope, help and strength for their daily Christian  life liberated from the York of sin liberated from the fear of ancestral spirits (Emizimu)


–          Workshops and conferences have been organized; Chaplains and scripture union representatives.

–          Clergy and spouses’ conferences.

–          Mission coordinators.

–          Mothers’ union conferences.

–          Attending National workshops

–          Special services for various groups of God’s people. e.g. motorcycle tax drivers, where 146 have come to the Lord.

–         Vehicle Mechanics in town where 46 have come to the Lord God.

–          Revival team meetings and we are organizing another big conference in Augustus 2013.

–          Working with faith based organization. Purpose driven life and peace plan ministry, living water.

–          Children ministry

Challenges: The church today is facing many challenges;

Mixing Christianity with traditional religious beliefs.

A silent struggle between the major Christian groups. The Anglican Roman Catholic for political leadership discrimination. There is need to build a strong bridge (2Peter 4:6-12) for reconciliation

Economic struggle for survival. This has led many strong believers and church leaders to compromise the gospel to the Extent of diluting the message. i.e. materialism tendency. Job 34:19, 1Sam 8:3, 2Peter 2:3.

Corrupted morals of young people by,

–          Negative mass media products.

–          Imbalances in Economic growth and hopelessness of HIV/AIDS.

–          Unemployment. Many have fallen victim of the circumstances e.g. Kibwetere instance.

1.2Problem analysis: .. Church Today

– Mission Department has not been given adequate priority in church activities at grass root.

The church has been more focused on income generating targets rather than preaching the gospel, disciple ring and prayer. As Christ’s commission Matt: 28:28, Matt: 6:33 seek ye first……………

–          The church has not seriously taken the gospel to the poor, street children, orphans, motorcycle tax drivers, town dwellers, prisoners and spanner boys in garages.

–          There has been lack of adequate teaching about salvation, faith and repentance plus the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

–          The healing ministry, emphases has been put on diseases, control; building health units, however most of the sicknesses are psychological which need deliverance and counseling.

–          Looking at the above mentioned weaknesses of the church approach to mission; we need to rectify them and build the church that is more relevant to the communities.

Therefore, it my prayer and hope that a hardworking servant of God should be always being assessed on how many believers have been brought to Christ rather than on how much money has been raised on Christmas and other occasions.

1.3.0 Vision and Mission Dissemination

Mission and Evangelism desk is more focused on disseminating the vision and mission of our Diocese. “A Diocese that glorifies God.”

Mission “Doing the work of Him who sent me.”


Disseminating the right mission of the church under our vision and mission statement.

Conducting regular courses, seminars and conferences.

Struggling- Teaching and Discipleship through player life renewal fellowship creating home cells.

Improving on church musical instruments and literacy thus providing for a biblical mode of worships that would be more relevant to the present situation.

Mobilizing both the clergy and spouses daily to be more Christ centered for effective and efficient ministry.

2.1.0 Program goal: To win the souls of 30,000 with discrimination in three years and making them disciples for Christ 2014.

2.2.1 Through crusades, baptism registers, conformation class and holy matrimony.

2.2.2 Evangelism intensification.

2.2.3 Christian family life empowerment.

2.2.4 Outreach ministry.