Rev. Can. Yoramu Ntoreine.  Diocesan Secreatry

Rev. Can. Joramu Ntoreine.
Diocesan Secreatry


The Diocese serves 247 Sub parishes, 44 Parishes  8 Archdeaconries and  good number of Schools where population is. South Ankole diocese comprises of the counties of Kajara, Rushenyi, Ruhaama and Ntungamo Municipality. we have a great team of well trained, committed and passionate staff with whom we run the ministry.


  • The Diocese has started on a promising gear. We hope to achieve some steady growth God being our helper.
  • We have started on staff housing project of seven houses that still needs 300 millions UGX to be completed.
  • We have started a Church workers pension and gratuity and it still needs boosting.
  • We have started on Human resource development some of our clergy and Christians are being supported to acquire some level of Education.



  • Housing – All staff have  rented houses except the Bishop and Dean which has become a big burden to the Diocese.
  • The Diocese is depending entirely on Christian giving and this is not viable because the Christians have low income that cannot meet their demands and of the Church.
  • We do not have income generating projects.
  • Human resource is still a problem, a good number of our Church workers have a nominal training that is about to be challenged by technology.


  • Developing the plots we have in Ntungamo town.
  • Tree planting all over the Diocese
  •  Health units and Diocesan Hospital

Prayer requests/ Support

  • Developing and self supporting Diocese.
  • Unity of the Church in South Ankole.
  • Support in development of human resource.
  • Pray that people of good will, come up among us with good ideas, visions and material contributions to develop our Diocese to greater horizon.

God’s blessings be up on our Diocese

For his glory,

Rev. can. Joramu Ntoreine

  • Diocesan Secretary