Ord. Mark Inno Nabimanya

Ord. Mark Inno Nabimanya

I will begin by saying that God is a family minded God and at most a family has children whether of their own or adopted.

He created man and woman to beget children and thus continue the human race. He called Abraham and the greatest need Abraham had was a child and God answered it.

I wonder whether having met the sovereign God, Abraham would have become ‘truly’ satisfied without a child. Assuming Isaac was never bone, many of us would have wondered whether Abraham surely had understood God as the all giving God.

Well, Isaac was bone- Praise the Lord. The purpose was to continue the lineage/family of faith or in African terms to uphold the clan. Abraham taught Isaac the meaning of faith in God and this is seen when he prays for his wife to become pregnant (Genesis 25:21) – maybe he had also understood why his father was willing to sacrifice him (his only son at an age)

Many other people in the Word of God were called at a young age and they did wonders, for instance Samuel, David, Josiah, Timothy among others.

How much time and space do we give our children in church today? Do our children have a place in our churches anyway?  

Our children are an important fabric of our church but often times they are marginalized. Most times nobody cares whether they come to church or not including those of religious leaders. Some churches do not even include them on their programs, they simply do not exist- this is a shaming.                                                     The better place is for adults, the music system is for the adults, the guests are for the adults and once the churches are filled up with people who rarely come, children are shown the exit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All this said, that is why Children church must exist. As the coordinator, the work is not an anthill; it is a mountain because this ministry has been ignored for so long. Therefore pray for us as we team up to accomplish the following:

– Selecting, training, equipping and retaining children church teachers.

– planting of children churches where they currently do not exist

– offering of counseling and guidance skills to our children

– Resources to purchase children resources and establishment of a children library

– Provision of life skills and psycho-social support to the vulnerable and disadvantaged children

– Promotion of chaplaincy in primary schools

– organizing and conducting children related events such as Christmas carols, conferences, Anti-child abuse/sacrifice campaigns, Christian based music, dance and drama competitions.

– sensitizing of parents and the public on child protection

If you join hands with us in this ministry, you will practically be achieving with us the following;

  1. Deuteronomy 6:6-9 – To teach our children God’s laws
  2. Psalms 78:1-8 – To teach our children about the glorious deeds of the Lord so that they too will teach the generations unborn
  3. Proverbs 22:6- To train up our children in the way they should live so that when they are grown up, they walk in it.
  1. John 21:15- To feed God’s lambs; physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Accomplishing all this requires finances, physical materials, availability, and your prayers. So you can participate where God calls you to because the game must have all members.

The reason we must work together is because;

  1. Children can believe in God without doubt Mathew 18:5-6
  2. Children can be lost Mathew 18:12-13
  3. God’s desire is that children should not be lost Mathew 18:14

Finally, we must accept that children between 0-14 year’s bracket are more receptive to positive training than the older age bracket. So we must take this opportunity to train them in God’s word.

May the Lord help us as we build a Diocese that Glorifies God where children are seen as a blessing and not an inconvenience, as the present and future church and not a by the way, as useful and helpful and capable of great things and not useless just because they have no money to give.