Rev Augustus

We are living in a post-modern world where there is technological advancement and there seems to be relative truth and there is a variety of ideas flowing in the media, academic and religious sphere! This post-modern era coupled with technological advancement has created the free-market economy and this has greatly affected the family institution especially the youth who are nurtured by televisions, newspapers and the internet. The parents and guardians have run to the working world; and in the pursuit of money and wealth we have a “lost generation” that is marked by vandalism , drug and substance abuse , drunkenness, carelessness and recklessness, sexual immorality and materialism(greed) and irresponsibility. This is catalyzed by the “absentee parents ” where children are left in the hands of nannies that have no moral fibre to impart in the young generation and some of them carry bitterness arising out of their past hardships in their lives. No wonder we have a desperate broken young generation because they have no parental figures in their lives and a simple scan of the media publications and news will show you an irresponsible generation who are violently striking and vandalizing property in open marketplaces,business centres, secondary schools and universities instead of building round-table dialogue talks and learn how to negotiate their way out of dilemma and many other nasty lifestyles. Some have resorted to join terrorist group and crime gangs in a way of projecting their frustration and anxiety to the wider community. A lost generation in this 21st century indeed.

But am convinced that in all this confusion, God gives us hope and we can have  a noble remnant youthful generation !. All hope is not lost and we can raise a responsible generation. Let’s borrow Paul’s admonition to his spiritual son Timothy as he told him that; But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and of earth, and some to honor and some to dishonor. If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honor, sanctified and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work. Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord with a pure heart (2 Timothy 2:20-22).

Paul compares responsible young people with the vessels made out of precious metals like gold and silver that we own in our own homes and he exhorts his son Timothy to consecrate himself to the master of the house (God) and so he can be used of good works. Young people, we must first discover whose we are if we are to be noble vessels in this broken world. It all begins with each one of us knowing that we are not self -made but the omnipotent God created us and we must live responsible lives because at the end of this life we shall give an  accountability to the one who made us. He who created us has perfect plans for us and remember God makes no junk. You are created in the image of God (Isaiah 49:14-16, Psalm 139:14) to be of greater value, a co-creator with him and designed only for good works.

The family institution is under attack and this mission is engineered by Lucifer himself, and his cohorts and the world is in dire need of young people who can be well groomed to establish families where Godly values will be imparted into the next generation! Our marriages are broken down and many young people are  left in single parent family status, they are so bitter, some have no father and mother figures, they are often raped by those who would cherish and mold them into formidable strong citizens. The older generation have forsaken the job of mentoring young people but instead prey on them in form of cross generational sexual manipulation, the capitalistic nature of world financial systems have cropped up a materialistic worldview and it has had a great bearing on the destruction of young people’s lives. Some young people have been raped and defiled sexually, others have been trafficked to foreign nations and sold into modern slavery and it’s only us young people who have discovered our relationship with the omnipotent God that can come to the rescue of our society and nations at large.

It’s all about us young people and the first step in redeeming our broken world is to accept to mend our individual broken relationship with our God. We are meant to be like vessels of gold and silver, ready to be used of good purposes and letting God’s love for humanity spread through and in us. Let’s as young people called by God strive to  pursue righteousness, faith ,love, peace and seek fellowship with those who call up on the name of the Lord God and His son Jesus Christ. Let us as young people strive to live godly lives in the fear of God. Your lifestyle alone well lived in the reverence of God can inspire somebody lost in this confusing world to see a ray of hope. We are meant as vessels are used to serve the visitors in our homes and so we ougt to allow God use us in reflecting His glory as we minister hope and salvation to the world. Young people remember, sin breaks you down but righteousness through and in Jesus Christ builds you up. Don’t allow negative irreverent forces of peer pressure crack you down and lose your purpose in life. You are created only to be a blessing to the world and you can only do this if you only realize that you are “only a  utensil in the hands of the master of the house ”    who is God.

You are called to be a noble vessel to co-create with God and mend this broken world .Just  discover your identity in God through his son Jesus and be a blessing to the world. A noble vessel set apart for the master’s good use is your mark .Just rise up to the challenge!  You are meant to be a mender of broken walls in this world. A noble vessel and a youth of valor Shalom!!!

Rev Augustus Ainebyoona is Anglican School Chaplain at Standard College-Ntungamo as well as the South Ankole Diocesan Prayer Ministry Coordinator.